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Glagolitic bench

This bench is inspired by the first Croatian script – the Glagolitic script. With this product we wanted to emphasize the importance of the Croatian culture and history as the basic factors of national identity and to encourage people to think about that values. The idea is to bring historical values to the people in a modern way, and at the same time through to usage of functional products.

The Glagolitic bench is the first in a series of planned products aimed at emphasizing the visual aspect of Croatian cultural values. The bench design is inspired by the Glagolitic letter “ć”, which is adapted to the needs of the structure due to functionality. From the front side are engraved the first nine letters of the Glagolitic script, which also mean: “I, who knows the letters, say that it is good to live on Earth.”

With the use of Croatian oak and concrete this bench is getting a domestic statement. The bench is also available in combination with galvanized steel. For more information and orders please contact us.

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